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Real Estate Attorney in Orange City, FL

Established in 1902, Landis, Graham & French has more than 120 years of legal experience, providing Orange City, FL clients with outstanding real estate attorney representation. Our highly respected attorneys represent clients in a variety of complex real estate legal matters, including eminent domain, land use issues, and boundary disputes, to name a few. We serve clients throughout Volusia County, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, Lake Helen, and Palm Coast, FL, in Flagler County.

Eminent Domain Disputes

As Orange City and other communities throughout Volusia and Flagler counties are in the middle of a population boom, eminent domain disputes are an increasingly common issue. Eminent domain is a power that gives Federal, state, and local governments the power to seize private property for the betterment of the public. For example, a local municipality, such as Orange City or Palm Coast, may use eminent domain for the right of way to expand a roadway or highway. Although the condemning authority must acquire the property at fair market value, landowners subject to condemnation may be unwilling to sell or unsatisfied with the offer. At Landis, Graham & French, our real estate attorney will protect your rights and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Zoning and Planning Representation

Whether you’re planning to build a commercial establishment on vacant land or expand your existing operations, you may need to request the building planning department in your jurisdiction to change the zoning before you can begin construction. Since zoning and planning can be complicated, a real estate attorney with zoning and planning experience will best represent your interests and prepare the necessary documents to help improve the speed and efficiency of your zoning request.

Resolving Land Use Issues

Land use is another common issue, especially as many residential and commercial buildings are close to each other. If you believe that another party or landowner is infringing on you, our real estate attorney has the resources you need that will help resolve the dispute.

When you need the assistance of a highly respected real estate attorney in Orange City, FL, contact the Law Office of Landis Graham French, PA, for a complimentary case evaluation at (386) 734-3451 today!

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