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Personal Injury Attorney Daytona Beach, FL

For over 100 years, the law firm of Landis, Graham & French has served thousands of clients throughout Daytona Beach as their trusted personal injury attorney. The firm handles a variety of personal injury claims including car accidents, bodily injury, premises liability and wrongful death. They serve clients throughout Greater Daytona Beach, FL including DeBary, DeLand, Deltona and Orange City, FL.

Whether you are injured in a car accident, at a commercial establishment or anywhere else, our trusted and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will understand the facts of your case. Depending on your case, where and how you were injured, and the extent of your injuries, we can help determine the negligent party to pursue your bodily injury or premises liability claim.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you are injured in a car accident caused by another driver, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries. The State of Florida doesn’t require bodily injury insurance so not every driver has this type of coverage. Also, if the extent of your injuries exceeds the coverage of the driver’s BI policy, a car accident attorney can help you file a bodily injury lawsuit against the driver to recover additional damages.

Premises Liability

You may have a premises liability claim if you are injured on someone else’s property as a result of a hazardous condition and the property owner neglected to provide adequate warning of the hazard. For example, if a store clerk mops the floor and forgets to post a sign around the wet area, the owner can be held liable if someone slips and falls and is injured due to the wet condition.

Wrongful Death

If a death occurs as a result of an accident or the negligence of another, surviving family members can recover damages from a wrongful death lawsuit. Since Florida law requires a wrongful death claim to be filed within two years and limits compensation, it is imperative to consult with an attorney experienced representing clients in wrongful death lawsuits.

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