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Family Law Attorney Orange City, FL

Our commitment to providing our clients with an experienced, respected, and trusted family law attorney to the Orange City, FL, community is as strong today as it was during our founding more than 120 years ago. Our practice areas include pre-nuptial planning, dissolution of marriage (divorce), child support and custody, and other legal matters. As one of the oldest and most-respected family law firms, Landis Graham French is dedicated to representing clients in all of Volusia County, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, Lake Helen, and Palm Coast, FL, in Flagler County. Call (386) 734-3451 or visit us online to schedule a consultation.

What is Pre-Nuptial Planning?

Life is full of surprising twists and turns. And while we all expect marriages to fulfill a lifetime of happiness, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Pre-nuptial planning is the process of predetermining the distribution of marital assets in the event of a dissolution of marriage or divorce. It is a written agreement that both parties sign before the wedding. So, why have a prenup agreement? Florida is considered a “50-50” equitable state, similar to “community property” laws in other states. Therefore, Florida law requires that in the absence of a pre-nuptial agreement, all marital assets shall be distributed equally to each spouse. Thus, a pre-nuptial agreement can protect the loss of your house, car, bank account, or other personal property that may be subject to equitable distribution in a divorce.

Understanding Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

There is no divorce in Florida, but you can petition the family court for a dissolution of marriage. The main distinction is that, unlike other states, Florida is a “no-fault” state. It means that a spouse can petition Family Court in their county of residence for a dissolution of marriage (divorce) at any time upon stating that the marriage is irretrievably broken. However, specific legal conditions must be met before a spouse can petition the court for a dissolution of marriage. So, it is best to consult a trusted family law attorney at Landis Graham & French with experience in divorce matters.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney for Child Custody & Support

Florida takes divorce very seriously, especially when it involves minor children. Both parents are expected to share an equal role in their children’s financial, educational, and emotionally healthy upbringing. In addition, both parents must complete a timesharing agreement specifying the time each child will spend with each parent and which parent will have primary custody.

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