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Family Law Attorney Daytona Beach, FL

When you need an outstanding family law attorney in Daytona Beach, contact the Law Firm of Landis, Graham & French. Our experienced attorneys have a long-standing reputation for representing clients with divorce, child support and other family law matters throughout Volusia County, including DeBary, DeLand, Deltona and Orange City.

Practicing Law for over 100 Years in Volusia County

We are built on a century’s old tradition of service in the legal profession. For more than a century, our law firm has been helping families resolve their legal disputes.  If you are considering a divorce or are a respondent to a dissolution of marriage petition, it is advisable to consult with a family law lawyer as soon as possible. While many couples aim to have an amicable divorce, it can quickly become more complicated. Especially when it comes to dividing marital assets like bank accounts, the family home and cars, for example. Florida is an equitable distribution state meaning that assets acquired during the marriage are equally divided. A sharp divorce lawyer can help ensure you get to keep the assets that you believe are rightfully yours.

Child Custody

Fighting for child custody can be contentious during a divorce. So, it is wise to have an experienced divorce attorney represent your case. It is important to note that Florida family courts no longer automatically grant sole custody to a single parent. Instead, the court will grant primary and secondary custody of minor children. Also, both parents are required to complete a Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Agreement for court approval. The court will determine child support payments largely based on income but may take other factors into consideration. Hiring a family law attorney who is experienced with divorce and child support is your best chance for reaching the most desirable outcome of your case.

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Over a Century of Service