Social Media and Employment

Jan 9, 2019 - News by

Social media is an extension of our real lives and how we represent ourselves on social media can be just as important in our job search as how we present ourselves at a job interview. If you are job searching, take these steps before sending out another resume!

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What Happens to Digital Assets After Death

Dec 7, 2018 - News by

Home videos and photo albums have been replaced by our social media accounts; Grandpa’s record collection has been replaced by iTunes and other digital music. These can be important mementos after a loved one has passed. Just like physical items, a person can state intentions for their “digital assets” in will. In addition to emotional/sentimental value, financial stakes can be high. These can have real value, such as pages associated with artists, small businesses, etc. These pages risk losing significant revenue if they lose contact with customers.

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